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February 13, 2010

Education – Teach Me to Ride?

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I am always amazed how in the cycling community how they are quick to point their fingers internally at other riders as to the problem with motorist and their complaints.  Really now, are the motorists complaining more because someone ran a stop sign (like the do) or is it because we are there in the first place?

Do I rally need to be taught how to ride?  I drive a car and was never required to go to class.  Today’s youth are strongly encouraged to go to class, but it isn’t required everywhere.  If I were to look at who to teach, I would start with the motorists.  Why?  Because 99% of all riders drive a car.  So when teaching a motorist what to do and expect from a person on a bicycle you are also teaching the driving cyclist how they should ride.

Teach me to ride? Or educate the motorists?

Eric The Cyclist

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